Friday, May 28, 2010

Tour Log #7: Going Home

Tonight marks the first tour stop on our trek back to Seattle. Finally. We've had only about a week off since March and it'll be good to spend some days home this summer. It's odd to think that in 2006 we played close to 200 shows, and slowly but steadily we've played less and less each year. I think this is in part because we no longer have to tour JUST to tour, but I think its also in part because we're a bit more weary of it nowadays. Tour is only necessary in smaller doses, and it also happens to be more exciting for us as such. We've established our base, and we will take our opportunities as they present themselves. No need to force it. No need to beat the streets for scraps. No need to risk a potential burnout. We're going home for the summer to recharge and sustain ourselves with fly-dates, festivals and fairs. I'm looking forward to the weekend trips, the week days at home, cooking, writing, and hopefully producing. All this is nine days and 1800 miles away, but so much closer than it was a month ago.

I tell Kristie I'm "on my way." I tell her that all the time, actually, regardless of where we are in the tour, but it's usually only figurative. Now it is literal. I am literally getting closer, and that feels good.

I can say that I've felt blessed by this tour. With bands dropping off a tour like they have it's hard to expect decent results. We've been pleasantly surprised by the turnouts, and by the energy of the crowds. We can tell that our music does matter, and that with each record we form a deeper relationship with our fans. It's inspired us, and lately (I can speak for all of us) we've felt blessed. However much we fail ourselves and lose track of our vision, we can always count on our fans reminding us. Through your stories, sincere thanks, and just plain old showing up we are reminded why we take this show on the road every year. Why it is still worthwhile. If you've showed up this year, thank you for appreciating our art enough to support it! We do not take you for granted.

For those of you who are tired of this insipid journaling, I'll get back to essay-blogging soon enough.  



  1. I like the journaling, just for the record. I would've come when you are in Richmond but it was the end of the semester and I've been broke. Next time hopefully!!

  2. the man with no nameMay 31, 2010 at 1:31 AM

    It's awesome to hear you have a wife waiting who supports you despite the tough stretches of being apart. How do ya'll handle the difficulties of your career being what it is within your marriage? I suppose there's a bit of uncertainty in it so support and trust (in each other and God) are important. Maybe that's digging too much into your personal life, if so I apologize. It just so happens I'm getting married in a month and such matters are good to think about....also, concerning that, it turns out you're playing an acoustic show in Des Moines, Iowa on June 25th, the evening before my wedding, which is essentially in Des Moines. We have our rehearsal dinner that evening but my bride-to-be, some of the wedding party, and I are psyched that we could possibly, hopefully, maybe, partake in the festivities of your acoustic endeavors.

    So, I know the show starts at 5:30, and maybe this is too far in advance, but do you have any idea as to when you would be taking to the stage? We would love to try and make it.

    That is all, good sir.

    Apologies for that elongated and slightly off-topic comment.