Monday, May 10, 2010

Tour Log #6: Vocal Rest

I'm sitting in the van (also sometimes referred to as the Green Beatle or the DonJon) in Jermyn, PA right outside of Scranton, waiting to play our 7th show in a string of 12 in a row today. I've been employing the "vocal rest" technique daily and counting down the shows until we take that coveted day off. Vocal rest is when I don't use my voice all day until I warm up pre-show. These days it's all I can do to get through a set without blowing it completely. It's been good for me though, this not talking business, because usually I talk far too much. It allows me to observe  and process as opposed to my usual immerse and react. One day we'll have in-ear monitors which will help preserve my voice, or maybe we wont, but I can at least hope for the best!

Ah, I just caught wind that the catering is in, and me being a committed Freegan cannot pass this opportunity up.

Please pray my voice will hold out until the day off! We don't want to have to cancel any shows, or worse, sound like complete garbage.



  1. I am praying about your voice, so that you can continue to change lives through your music. Your music has helped me through some tough times. I thank you for that and hope that you will continue to making awesome music. You guys rock!

  2. Will do. Thanks again for being real. Authenticity in itself is a manifestation of the light that is of Christ. The world needs it. Thanks.

  3. In a one-page Q & A section in Time magazine, Dave Grohl was asked how he continues to scream his lungs out day after day. His reply was something like, "I've basically been destroying my voice for the past 15 years. My vocal chords probably look like string cheese." Hope your day of rest works for your voice and your mind. Blessings my friend!

  4. I'll be praying that your voice is golden again by the time you get to Purple Door in Pa. in Aug. (Happen to be listening to "Four Chords" right now on the Christian Rock 20 show)!

  5. Your voice seemed tired the other night in Houston, but you still sounded super great.