Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tour Log #1

We left Seattle this morning heading South on I-5. It was the usual feeling, a lot of laughter, old inside jokes being brought up, reaffirmed. I can see us settling in quicker than before, usually it takes a few more hours before the laptops come out, but over the years we've become so familiar with the monotony that we keep our distractions on deck for the instant that conversation dies down. I'm sitting sideways on the front bench, my back against the window, legs crossed in front of me, music in my ears. Five years ago this position would have made me sick, but now it's home. I can't remember the last time I felt motion sickness of any kind. We're always moving.

I'm a little nervous to see what the shows are like. These next few weeks will be like no other tour we've done, a lot of churches and venues we've never played. It could go terribly wrong or incredibly right. I hope for the latter. Lately we've been walking through whatever doors open as we try not to force our opinion on this touring thing. We've been around the block enough to know that the who-what-when of tours will rarely effect much of the outcome of the success of our band. We've come to expect less while giving the same, maybe more. We'll have fun wherever the venue, whomever the crowd, whatever the circumstance. When it comes to touring, for me it's not about the quantity of the people, its the quality of their hearts and how in tune they are with the music. Some small crowds deserve better shows.

We're making good time and we'll be to Eugene in an hour. We'll probably stop and get a hotel in Northern, CA, Redding maybe, and then it's to San Jose in the morning. My eyes just got heavy, and since a great rule of the road is "NAP WHEN YOU CAN"........



  1. I am so excited to see you guys tomorrow in San Jose! You guys never disappoint me when I see you live. In fact, the first time I ever saw you live was when I got instantly hooked on TCC. :)

    - Jacqueline

  2. What happened Matt? First you're writing in nice big letters I could easily read and the next minute you're back to those tiny little ones I can barely see! It must have been the ever so sweet intoxicating lullaby of the road gently rocking you to sleep! Sweet dreams! After reading all these new blogs, I'm ever so stoked to see TCC at PD! Maybe I'll lose control and yell some "slang" at you guys!

  3. wanna step outside of your comfort zone and come play at my youth in wonderful canada?
    (we're thawing finally, so it's not even that cold! win!)

  4. I really wish I could see you guys play- it's a sort of dream of mine. Too bad no one ever comes within 250 miles of us... Ya know, TCC could get a pretty decent turn out in Houghton, MI. You've pretty much got a cult-like following up here... Just sayin'

  5. Hey Matt one queston. Why does the Seattle show have to be on a Tuesday? When i'm off of spring break............yay less than 4 hours of sleep LET'S DO IT!!!!! See you there CHAMP!