Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Quick question:

If sometimes you write a song and realize it is "pretty okay" but you know from experience that a lot of people will absolutely love it except the people like you who will agree it is "pretty okay" so you don't record or release it, you just shelve it, then the years go by and you get older and one day you pick that song off the shelf and start strumming the chords and you realize that nostalgia has added several-years-worth of value to it and it transports you back to who you were when you wrote it and a lump forms in your throat and you can barely sing it and your immediate thought is, "Damn, this is good." Is it?


  1. I appreciate most of your songs Matt! Personally, I think you are able to critize and judge songs in a different way when you haven't played or heard them in a long time. Like a certain flavour which tastes much better when you missed it a long time. You woke my curiosity by the way!

    Keep up the good work with The Classic Crime, Vocal Few, raising Praise and posting cute vids of her on Instagram.

    Love from the Netherlands

  2. What draws me to your music, besides the pure awesomeness, is how I am able to relate to the songs in some way. Whether your interpretation is different than mine I feel like, "I've been there and I am not alone". That's what what I love about music: the lyrics with the perfect chords. I remember the first time I heard "Broken Mess" I got chills, and still do, knowing that one person that is there to save you from yourself.

    So If you think a song now is better than it was before, it might certainly be. It is all about perspective, and one factor affecting it is time. So maybe now is the time, and even if is not perfect just know someone will love it and be able to relate even if it is not everyone. I'd love to hear it; from Albatross to Phoenix and Vocal Few your music is important; just do what you think is right.

    Hope to catch your show in NYC on 10/30! Hope you and the family are doing well to!