Thursday, April 7, 2011


I want you to know that I haven't been entirely neglecting this blog. I've been writing some, but nothing I currently care to "publish." I put that "publish" word in quotes, because being a blog poster is perhaps the farthest thing in the writing realm from being a published author. They do make you feel special though, what with the "Publish Post" button and all... I guess lately I've been struggling to click that button. It could be because I don't want to preach and I don't want to gripe, and try as I might it seems I have a propensity for both. Also, many of these blog ideas I'm writing are incomplete, and it would be a shame to "publish" an incomplete thought. Regardless, they still seem worthwhile to jot down in the off chance it triggers something meaningful. I've realized that the expulsion of words is therapeutic for me (I'm not unique in this, you should try it). Speaking and writing have always been the way that I've managed to refine the random abstractions, however simple or convoluted, that tend to bang around in my head until I give in. Even when nobody is reading along, this type of expression gives me a feeling of release. Perhaps everything I write on here isn't meant to be broadcast. What a novel idea! ...I guess I'm okay with that. 


  1. 'Perhaps everything I write on here isn't meant to be broadcast. What a novel idea! ...I guess I'm okay with that.'

    it is what it is. I went through a similar phase recently, having been 'critiqued' by a (n anonymous) stranger; they claimed that what I wrote should be strictly journal based.

    I moped about it for a few days until I realized it was utter bollocks. The whole point of a blog (for me, at least; lest I become a hypocrite) is to have my silly, cliche thoughts interpreted as poorly as possible by as many strangers who happen to read them.

    Woah. sorry for ranting in your comments there. tl;dr - keep doin' what you're doin', these thoughts are brilliant.

  2. I just try to tell myself not to overthink what I am posting. It doesn't have to be pretty,long, or always have a seriously deep question it's asking or message. It's a blog for pete's sake. It's for fun.

    I do so thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  3. I have 78 unpublished posts. It seems absurd that I censor my own thoughts on a blog, especially when it is completely unknown to anyone I know in 'real life'. Somehow holding back the 'unpublished' can seem like a dishonesty, hiding all those unpolished ideas and poorly dressed thoughts like they're dust under a carpet. It might may make me sneeze but the dust under the carpet is probably a lot less contrived than the things that do get to see the light of day.

    But then, with Stephenie Meyer as my guiding star, I remember some things really don't need to be published.

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