Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Mourning, Good Knight

I shop at H&M just like everyone else. So it should be of no surprise to you that sometimes, just like everyone else, I can't fall asleep.

I love when I can't sleep, because my mind starts going places it normally wouldn't go during the day. In the dark of my quiet bedroom, away from the noise and distractions of the day, my imagination can tend to run a little wild.

A few nights ago there was a lunar eclipse. I don't know if that played any significant role but I couldn't sleep. It was 3:30am and I was writing a song in my head. A silly, Celtic folk jig about... well, I typed it all into my phone so I'll share it with you. I hope you laugh as much as I did the next morning.

It goes like this, 6/8 feel, kind of like an old Christmas carol:

Good mourning, good knight
Suffer well, suffer right
There's no telling of what they might say
In sackcloth and ashes each moment that passes
Is all the more reason to pray

Verse 1
You had no idea of what would occur 
when you left for the war on that day
They came from the forest and took your Delores 
and sailed with her countries away

Verse 2
And on your return you were chagrined to learn
That your lover was stolen away
By privateer merchants two years ago
Searching would be of no use anyway


Verse 3
On the day you wake up with no pain in your gut
You must set off to seek your revenge
And may you never rest til you sever the heads
Of the men who had taken your love


Profound, eh? No? I agree, it's funny. I even demoed it out in the morning with three part harmonies and picking acoustic guitar. I think I'm going to add an accordion to it to give it that circus-folk feel. I can picture drunken Irish sailors swinging steins of beer, belting out this song with thick accents. New demographic perhaps?


  1. Glorious. This needs to make YouTube even if it doesn't make an album.

  2. That would make a jolly good bonus track.

  3. aka put it on an album. I love making fun of drunkeness with my couple friends who mutually feel as I do on impairment so we would grab our beer, put on some irish pub music, take large swigs, tumble about and become jackasses for the fun of it. This would make a great song to do so with. (plus there is a certain amount of trust that goes into pleasured art as a means of comfort. There is no music I trust more than TCC so DO IT!!!!!)

  4. Sounds as though that lunar eclipse had some kind of hallucinogenic effect on you, Matt! It is quite comical and you should totally set it to music! It would sound really sweet with an accordion and all! Go for it!

  5. This is so hilarious Matt. It's kind of mean but I do hope you have more of these late night episodes so that we would be bless with these random and humorous songs. I promise to buy them

  6. The creative process is full of delights. I bet you and your TCC cohorts would have fun with that. Would Tooth and Nail let you do that?

  7. Please Matt read this!!

    This people say that we can know the Judgement day is take place on May 21, 2011...Please talk about this cause im so confused

    God Bless you Matt!!

  8. this should totally be a bonus/hidden track/b-side on the next album