Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm a driver, I'm a winner. Things are gonna change I can feel it.

It's cold and wet in Seattle and I feel blessed. 2010 has been a tough year for our band, a tough year for my voice even, but sometimes I get these moments of clarity. These moments where the veil is lifted are when I truly see what I have. I am thankful for so much.

I'm a screw up in so many ways I'd rather not divulge... but for some reason I get to live this awesome life. I get to be a musician, an orator, a conduit for a higher experience, a mechanism to help lift the veil for others. I get to vent my emotions in a medium that communicates deeper than any other in the world. Who decided that? I didn't, I'm just blessed by it. I should never complain again.

From a band perspective, we live in an industry where great bands die everyday, for reasons not alien to me, yet we're still here making music. People still care, they still come to shows, they still walk up to me at the merch booth and tell me what our music means to them. They still respond with tears and smiles. In a world where good bands die every day ours is alive and kicking, and for that I am blessed.

From a relationship perspective, I've been given the most loving, intelligent, and sacrificially supportive wife a man could ask for, not to mention she's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on. Not many people have what we have. We're blessed.

I'm young, and my best is ahead of me. My best art, my best interactions, my best experiences. My best as a man, a husband, a friend. I've learned a done a lot in my short life, but the best is yet to come. Sometimes I feel old, worn out, beat down, jaded by life, used up... but I think those are lies to keep me from growing and pursuing more and better things. So it is with wisdom that I say that I am still a fairly naive youth of twenty-seven years and my best are ahead of me.

May you experience the same truth, whatever your current age is.


  1. Your picture of Seattle has always reminded me of Grey's Anatomy. This was a decidedly more cheerful episode Dr MacDonald. This stuff is made of smiles.

  2. Your blogs are always so encouraging and inspirational. Thanks.

  3. I've read lots of your blogs, so far this is my favorite. Keep writing! You're soooo awesome! And I'm not gonna lie... I'M A HUGE FAN!!! :-)

  4. Yesterday I was painting and plugged in the Silver Cord. I hadn't listened to it fully since the summer it came out, but, once again, I was blown away. It was like revisiting an old friend : )
    You guys are so talented and I hope you always remember how many people have been touched by your music (I am one of them!).
    Keep the faith, Matt! And come to San Jose sometime soon : )
    Jer. 29:11

  5. Wow Matt, the title of this post had me thinking what did you mean by "I'm a driver"? Does it refer to your inexplicable drive to create, or what? The rest made sense after I continued reading, but I still don't get the driver part, but I will say this was a much more encouraging post than some of your more recent ones! In fact, I noticed a distinct difference in your mood, rather joyful and thankful! I can definitely relate to the person before me, because I've noticed that upon revisiting any TCC album after a prolonged absence, I'm instantly swept away again! I still cling to the hope that TCC will turn up at the RevGen festival in Jersey some day!

  6. i really enjoyed this. Thank you Matt for all that you do!