Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I apologize for the recent lull in activity on this blog. Life is funny that way; one moment you have all the time in the world to think and be creative, and the next you're distracted by mundane tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. Not that I have been doing anything spectacular lately, but in efforts to expand my life I fear I've spread myself a touch too thin.

The thing about being in a band our size is that it can at points consume my life. We have to make business decisions about publishing, touring, booking, management, merchandise, record label and our future. And then on the creative side there is practice, writing, jamming, vision, demoing and recording. On top of all of this we have to make efforts to maintain our social networking websites like Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, etc. One minute I'll be completely relaxed, and the next I'll be wrapped up in the mechanics of it all, promoting our merchandise store and working on other projects (which if you haven't heard, you can get 22% off of our online store through tomorrow by typing TCC22,

Lately our band has been floating. We think we're floating downstream, to somewhere, but it's definitely not a rise to the top of any chart. People aren't excited, people aren't blowing smoke... I actually appreciate it, for once we get an honest taste of reality. We've got all this down time, time to think and grow and refocus. Time to wonder.

I've started to think about what I want to be when I grow up. This band thing may or may not really work out. Believe it or not, but we haven't really 'made it' in any sense of the word. I wonder if we stay too long from the public eye will people still want to buy our next record? Will anyone care? Are we just like all those bands who flash and fizzle and have no legs to stand on?
I'd like to think our fans are life-long, but who knows, there are bands I loved when I was twenty that I never listen to now. People grow out of certain styles of music. I get this way between records... I get to thinking that our best music is behind us and that it's probably all down hill from here. But then we make a record we all deem better than our last... it always happens that way.

I'm taking on a few production projects, helping write songs for some friends and some side projects. I love it, but I've never been a guy that could do a ton of things at once and do them all well... or at least I'm hard enough on myself to expect excellence, which is impossible to accomplish if I am spread too thin. It'd be easier if one aspect of my life just took off and took my attention with it. Right now everything is just kind of scattered, hovering in limbo, not currently heading anywhere too quickly. I suppose I just have to keep stirring.

So those are my excuses for not updating this blog more frequently. I am glad that I have this blog to journal in. Thanks for reading.


  1. record label? has your contract with T&N run its course?

  2. Matt,

    i just want you to know that there are lots of people who love you, TCC, and what you guys are doing. I consider myself blessed to have been able to play on the same stage as TCC a few weeks ago in vancouver. You all turned out to be awesome guys, even though i didnt talk with you much, and the show was seriously awesome. - Every once and a while I find a band who just moves me, and i follow them from their first album, to their latest single, hoping that its not the last, and you guys are one of those bands.

    Here's a verse from the Bible that has helped me find my direction and to be content with where i am at and where i am going:

    "Delight ourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
    ~Psalm 37:3

    That, to me, means that all we need to do is pursue what brings us happines in God, and He will grant us our desires... and of course while we are delighting in God, He sanctifies us to desire what we should. And God is good, and only gives us things for our good.

    at least, thats what i saw in it/

    take care,

  3. Those were some pretty good excuses : ) But it's okay, we all get caught up in our lives at some point or another... As said above, TCC is really one of those bands whose fans are "lifelong". Ever since you guys first popped up on "You Might Like..." on iTunes, I've been impressed by the band's maturity; everything from the lyrical subject to the song composition (especially in "The Silver Cord"). I really cannot group you guys in a category; there's something special and unique about your music... No matter where life takes you (or where the band goes), Matt, I have faith that you'll make the best of it : )

  4. Matt, i have absolute faith in you that you'll keep surprising us (and yourself, probably) with new music that keeps us here and keeps us loving TCC. even the "old" stuff keeps me around :)
    keep it up

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  6. Matt,

    I can tell that you've been busy with other things besides TCC, and I have to admit that the band has seemed a little dormant lately since you've been home and not on tour or recording. But it's understandable that you would have a life outside of the band, right? We've all got priorities in life, and I'm sure TCC isn't your only and/or biggest one. Just know there are tons of people that absolutely adore and love TCC to death, and I can honestly say that we will be there with you until the very end. I like TCC because we never know what to expect from you guys (like the acoustic album, or the great variety of songs in The Silver Cord), yet we always seem to fall in love with whatever you come with. It's like with each new thing you release, a different side of TCC is revealed, and it's definitely exciting looking forward to what you'll come up with next. Just keep looking up. I have faith that wherever God leads you and the band will be amazing.


  7. wow, jacqueline, that was well said.

  8. Coming next, an electro-TCC album? :D

    The life of a musician is busier than the most of us are aware of. I'm actually the same way, in that I can't be spread too thin and call myself effective.

    It may sound self-deprecating, but I can't really do things when there's too much on my plate, covering up all my reasons and passions. I work best when there's only one or two things on my agenda. That way, I can focus, and churn out what I feel to be the very best, while being able to switch away from it to something else if need be.

    Stand fast, Matt. If you have to drop something on the side, get your point across to those that you're working with and work yourself out of that job. Don't kill yourself with busy-ness and PROCESSING OVERLOAD, man. It ain't coo'.

    BTW if you're on your computer for a few minutes, check out for some neat music.

  9. I love your music (and your blogs :P ), keep up the amazing job! It doesn't matter what kind of music you write next, most of your "fans" will like it, we are pretty flexible people ;). Bands change, just like people mature and change, so don't feel as though your best has past...haha, if any of this made sense to you cool...

  10. I don't really mind how random your blogging is, I just enjoy reading them. I also like your music and videos as well. For one so young, I am intrigued by your insight! As far as the band thing goes, artists are always reinventing themselves, there is nothing wrong with changing with the times, as long as you still remain true to your original purpose, i.e. the message. It's a sad thing when bands feel they need to alter their lyrical content to fit in with the rest of the world. I've lived through over 4 decades of music and heard alot of crap music, some with the most amazing instrumentation, but meaningless lyrics of the most fowl dribble. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true, incredible lyrics to mediocre music, but in each new decade I seem to find music with meaning, something that touches my very heart and soul. So change and growth are a good thing, but have to be sincere.

  11. keep going. there's something in tcc that we will always listen for that goes past just the music. there will always be at least SOME of us out here. :D

    being busy can get annoying sometimes. be careful not to overwhelm yourself... :/


  12. Matt,

    TCC has had a huge impact on my in the last few years, and I will never forget a single word on any of the albums you've released so far... or the overflow of inspiration I got when I saw you at Warped Tour while I was on leave. Chances are, I'll continue to buy and support anything you're invloved with. The first time I heard TCC, I honestly felt like God wanted me to listen at that particular time in my life, to help motivate me push and push me foward.

    I know what its like feeling overwhelmed, to have doubts and wonder where you're going in life, and most of all to miss the comfort of your family and friends. Keep striving... and I'll try to remember to lift you up in prayer every once and awhile.


  13. Though you guys may have not "made it" in the way you want/expect to, I know you've had me sold from the first song I ever heard of yours [which, btw, was Seattle].. I'm honestly surprised your band hasn't become bigger.. Very few bands [and I'm talking only maybe two or three out of a lottt of bands that I listen to] have me in love with nearly every single song they write, and yours is one of them. In general, I cry very little, but 'I Know The Feeling' actually made me tear up a bit when I heard it because it summed up exactly what I was feeling at the time. The lines "every smile makes you cry" and "it's been a while since you've felt like you've been home, your life's just flesh and bone" got me..
    I really hope you continue to make music and know that your music means something to people. Keep stirring =)